Cake Decorating Ideas With Icing Nozzles
Cake decorating ideas with icing nozzles

Cake Decorating Ideas With Icing Nozzles

Finishing the cake with the pastry tip can be challenging for many people. In addition to having to put the cream inside the bag, you need to be very patient to make the decoration. The result, when done well, is wonderful. In addition, the dessert is even more amazing when we mix different models of nozzles, but always taking care not to get too exaggerated.
First of all, you need to have a sense of the styles and what the end result of them is. If you are not yet an expert on the subject, just read the post with the explanation of each type of piping nozzle. Now, to inspire you when finalizing, I created this list with beautiful cakes and lovely decorations!


For a very delicate and floral decoration, bet on flowers and foliage of different sizes and colors. THE pitanga beak it’s the Wilton Flor are the best recommended for making flowers, but the star also makes the composition beautiful. In the case of foliage, choose your own nozzles leaves, which can have large or small openings.
Straighter nozzles can be used to make you petal by petal of the flower, but the work is doubled. If you don’t have experience yet, start with the simplest ones. As I already told you, try to mix the use of each spout to make the cake even better


Photos: Paulo Cuenca, @camrose_cake and @

It is nothing new for anyone that the unicorn cake is a hit on the internet. The kids love this more playful decoration and are delighted when they see the candy with an animal face. In addition to the unicorn, you can use your creativity to bring kittens, foxes and rabbits to life.
Part of these ornaments will have to be made with American paste, but the charm of the dessert is in the beak work. If you want to know all the types of nozzles that I used to assemble the unicorn cake, just click here to take a look at the recipe.


Photos: Paulo Cuenca and Style Sweet CA

This is one of the simplest decorations, but it makes all the difference when viewing the cake. This type of nozzle is easy to make and does not have to be as precise, as they are larger and less delicate. For the brownie cake, for example, I used the Pitanga pastry nozzle. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Complete cake

Photos: Paulo Cuenca, Sally’s Baking Addiction and The Cookie Writer

If you want to fill the whole cake with this type of finish, be careful not to make the dessert visually polluted, you know? Care must be taken both in the choice of colors and also in how the final composition will look.
When the cream is firmer, like a ganache, the result is even better. This is because the cream is often aerated and the tip finish is not as smooth. Also as pitanga beak, I made this beautiful decor for the nest milk mousse cake.


Photos: The Cake Blog and Country Living

Another type of super common nozzle with a beautiful result is the saw. It can be used to make larger petals that give the impression of layers of waves on the cake. Ah, for the more daring, it is also possible to make a kind of basket using this same spout, but you will need a lot of time and patience to make it look beautiful.
These suggestions are just a few of the thousands of possibilities that we can create with piping nozzles. Even if you don’t have the ability to do this type of decoration, try the different styles until you get the hang of it ?

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