Cake pops with amazing decorations

Cake pops with amazing decorations

Who doesn’t love easy recipes that reuse leftovers? Cake pops are great alternatives! In addition to using any remaining piece of cake, the candy is delicious and perfect for birthday parties and celebrations!
These little cake balls still allow you to use and abuse creativity when decorating ? I confess that I’m not the biggest fan in the world of cake pops decorated with American paste, after all, the taste can weigh on these delicate sweets.

Cake pops with amazing decorations

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For me, there is nothing better than dipping these balls in tempered chocolate or some other delicious topping! That’s exactly why I selected 5 simple decorations to make, but that will win you over for their beauty and flavor!

With brûlée marshmallow

I already decorated with marshmallow brûlée on the channel and isn’t that a great idea for cake pops? Just dip the frozen dumplings in the meringue and pass the torch.
I’m sure this decoration will impress the guests!

Cake pops with amazing decorations

Photo: Ashlee Marie

Almost a love apple

How about that hard red bullet point cover typical of the love apple? In addition to bringing crispness to the candy, the decor is a love <3

Cake pops with amazing decorations

Photo: Season of Sweets

Rustic Glaze

How about not dipping your cookies completely in the icing? Bet on the famous dripping, that irresistible effect of the dripping syrup! You can use the coverage of your choice, as long as it is more liquid!
Did you like the photo? I think the royal icing recipe in its most fluid consistency is perfect for creating that effect ?

Cake pops with amazing decorations

Photo: A Night Owl Blog

Just the right crunch

I love mixing textures in my recipes, so why not cover that fluffy cake with crushed pistachios or cocoa nibs? In addition to being very simple, I find this rustic finish in the decor wonderful!

Cake pops with amazing decorations

Photo: Create n Plate


As I said at the beginning of the post, I can’t resist cake pops dipped in chocolate! You just need to season properly using the method of your choice (in bowl, marble or using mycryo) ?
White chocolate makes any cookie more delicate, but to break it, how about crumbling some cookies or even cake on top? Instead of using traditional confectionery, this is a simple alternative that makes the sweets different!

Cake pops with amazing decorations

Photo: The Novice Chef Blog

Like it or not, a beautiful presentation makes everyone’s mouth water, right?

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