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You and I know how fashion works. It’s a back and forth trend that applies to everything from colors, cuts and types of clothing to food or party style. Sometimes there is little point in contesting; it doesn’t matter who invented a cake that could be smashed and then assembled into balls, stuck on a toothpick and dipped in chocolate, or who decided to leave the whole cake naked. If most find it beautiful and want to reproduce, it becomes fashionable. And isn’t it that from time to time we fall in love with the new trend?
I’ll tell you what’s coming up at wedding parties to make the bride and groom’s cake even more beautiful: tops with phrases, initials or even ornaments that are beyond traditional dolls. In Brazil, putting a “Felizes Para Semper” or the name of the bride and groom in a cursive letter and all worked in calligraphy on top of the wedding cake is still not so common, but overseas the thing is turning into a fever! And it’s not for nothing, but look how cute:
I don’t know if you have ever seen our ICKFD store, but we have several amazing cake tops from To Wed, among the bride’s initials and cute phrases like the ones in the post (click here to access). Here are some more inspirations for you:
top-of-cake-wedding-love-ickfd-etsy3top-of-cake-wedding-love-ickfd-etsy5top-cake-wedding-initials-erinheartcourts-ickfdtop-of-cake-wedding-love-ickfd-theweddingchicks2top-of-cake-wedding-love-ickfd-etsy7top-of-cake-wedding-love-ickfd-theweddingchicks3photos: Etsy, The Wedding Chicks, Erin Heart Court
My favorite phrase is the following. Couples from English-speaking countries often say “I love you to the moon and back”, which would be something like “I love you to the moon and back” in Portuguese (the translation was a little strange, but I could get the meaning , right? hehe).
top-of-cake-wedding-love-ickfd-theweddingchicksWedding Chicks
Ah, there’s something else! Depending on the cake tops, you can use them on occasions other than the wedding. It may be at a birthday party or other event that you want to impress people with the beauty of your cake; D
Dani used some in the recipe for Bolo Oreo Br Bololée and Chocolate Mousse Cake, look at this:
Oreo brulee ickfd cake 6Oreo brulee ickfd cake 3ickfd dani noce chocolate mousse cake 14ickfd dani noce chocolate mousse cake 19
So, did you get excited about some? Tell me which one is your favorite!

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