Calendar 2016

Calendar 2016

The year is ending (yes, tomorrow is December-!!) and we are already starting to make those crazy little lists planning the next year. I, as always, promise to organize myself more. To start the year on the right foot and well organized, nothing better than a beautiful calendar in your office (or bedroom).
I love looking for a calendar with a very beautiful design and that makes me more excited to organize myself – are you also like this or am I going crazy? Haha ha!
I selected 5 super beautiful templates for you to download and print! Look that:

Clean clean


Photo – My Scandinavian Home

A neutral color in the background and a super clean design. In addition to the beautiful font, I loved the delicacy of this calendar. You can hang it on a panel or wall and neat on the cute tacks (like the ones in the photo). In the link I put to download, the week starts on Sunday. But if you prefer a calendar where the week starts on Monday, just click on the caption link and download another version.
To download: Click here



Photo – Short Stop Designs

Cute and functional, this calendar is ideal for those who enjoy a more fun and cheerful decoration. In addition to having space for notes, the calendar is beautiful and cute. I already want it on my wall !!
To download: Click here

Total organization


Photo – Small Paper Things

Super simple! What I liked most about this calendar was the sophistication. Black and a clean font are enough! You can leave it to your face by changing the colors of the pens you write, with drawings and even stickers. It is practical and great for finding and organizing on a daily basis. In the caption link you can still find planner versions to organize week by week! Useful, right?
To download: Click here



Picture – Cocorrina

Textured background (reminiscent of cardboard), gold and a font almost “stamp”. You can’t dislike this design. Also, I loved the idea of ​​the drawing board! You can place it anywhere or hang it on the wall in your office.
To download: Click here



Photo – U – Create Crafts

Fun, cheerful and colorful! This design is very cute and, even if it’s flashy, it doesn’t weigh much. There are no lines to separate the days of the week (nor the months) and the color appears as a brush stroke. I loved the idea – you can even try to make another version in photoshop!
To download: Click here (the subtitle link has more options)
Did you like the options? Which one did you like the most?

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