Calendarios para reorganizar a sua vida gratuitos decoracao danielle noce 1

Calendars to help you reorganize

Organization has always been present in my life. As a classic Virgo, I love to see my things in order. In the last video of Diário da Obra I even told you that physical calendars are practically my obsessions – don’t even come with invitations in the email, here everything is manually marked on my agenda ?
As I saw that many people also have this same habit, why not share some of my favorite calendars? I know we’re almost halfway through the year, but if you’re also like me and love having a good reason to change the decor and reorganize life, beautiful and practical calendar options are always welcome.
With Pinterest, I’ve already discovered a lot of amazing free calendar layouts. You can print your favorite model at home or, if you prefer something more professional, send it to a printer. I selected my 5 favorites for you to download now:

  1. Math Blog
  2. My Wishes Gallery
  3. Pack Ma Home
  4. My Fabuless Life
  5. This little street

* The first model does not yet have the pages as of July available, but Math promised that it will be released soon. Since I’m using this layout at the moment, I didn’t want to leave out of the selection ?
After defining the model, there is another part that I love: how to put it in the decoration? I’ve seen endless beautiful references with metal panels – in fact, I’m loving this type of grid, because the piece is clean and super practical!

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