Calorie bomb consumer advice center warns: Why you should avoid cold coffee drinks

Calorie bomb consumer advice center warns: Why you should avoid cold coffee drinks

Cold coffee is a welcome refreshment for many in the summer months. Industrially produced coffee drinks are often real calorie bombs. The consumer advice center is now warning of this.

Iced coffee, frappuccino and the like provide a refreshing and invigorating kick in the hot summer weeks. Corresponding finished products can now be found in pretty much every supermarket. But as tasty as these preparations may be, in most cases they are not healthy. The consumer center Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is now calling for caution on “consumer”.

Cold coffee is back in season

Cold coffee preparations such as iced coffee, cappuccino or café latte usually have it literally. They’re all refreshing, especially because the average caffeine content has now leveled off at a high level, but that’s only one side of the coin. In addition to coffee and milk, most of these preparations consist primarily of one ingredient: sugar.

By the way, good coffee is also healthy.

drink coffee

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Way too much sugar

The Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania consumer center does not warn of certainn Products, so don’t name any names notes, however: “With a mug or a bottle of coffee you can quickly drink up to 320 kcal in between times – more calories than half a bar of milk chocolate or about as much as in a cheeseburger.” Up to 48 grams of sugar were found in a 400 milliliter bottle of a coffee preparation – this corresponds to around 16 sugar cubes. Incidentally, this is not kept secret, the sugar content and all other ingredients must finally be declared on the packaging. But the information often does not get the attention it deserves.

Tests confirm that the sugar content is too high

D.amit, the consumer advice center has already confirmed previous concerns of independent product experts, for example from test series by “”, which had found an average sugar content of around 20 percent in finished products. But that’s not all.

For those who don’t like coffee, there are other stimulants too.

Woman drinking coffee in the morning

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W.purulent additives in mixed coffee drinks

S.O Practically all industrially produced coffee preparations contain other additives that actually have nothing to do with classic coffee. Thickeners such as carrageenan are used most frequently, but also various emulsifiers, i.e. binders, starch and acidity regulators – chemistry with calories.

Even with low-sugar products, according to the consumer advice center, not much is gained for health. Artificial sweeteners would reduce the calorie content, but they were by no means considered healthy nutrients. The nutrition expert at the consumer center, Antje Degner, comes to the conclusion: “Coffee drinks from the refrigerated counter are not suitable as thirst quenchers. They are more of a calorie and caffeinated snack with a lot of additives. “

A.As is so often the case, do-it-yourself is an alternative, also for on the go. When preparing cold coffee according to your own taste, in the end you know exactly what is good in it. And that works auch without disposable packaging that just also pollute the environment.

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