Camden Town

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One of the coolest places I met in London was Camden Town, which is perfect for those who prefer to escape luxury and the most commercial places in the city.
Upon arriving in the neighborhood you will come across many, many modern clothing stores, thrift stores and some invaluable souvenir shops (there is no way, it is a very popular neighborhood). Again, if you don’t focus, you’ll only spend hours on the first block. I preferred to follow the flow and they took me to a place that is certainly my favorite in London: Camden Market. There are dozens of antiques and trinket stands, small fashion designers, very creative artisans and food stalls. I entered on the one hand that the first stall was a little uncle selling hot wine! There, our mulled wine is called Mulled Wine. I had no doubts and bought a cup that gave me that warm in the body to continue the walk (and left me very nostalgic too).
After exploring all the shops there, it was time to eat something. Their “food court” was again international and really had everything! Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Brazilian barbecue, Ethiopian cuisine, Belgian sweets … But what caught my attention was a single stall, the one that looked more English and was not fish and chips: it was a trio making sandwiches of ham! In front of the tent they would cut half of a whole roasted pork, which had a divine aroma, served in a fresh ciabatta bread (yeah … it wasn’t that English then), with a well seasoned arugula salad and the sauce was a delicious puree of apple. The sandwich cost me 5 pounds sterling, super well served and was very worthwhile because it was so good when it looked.
candem3 For dessert, I couldn’t stand it: there was a stall with a huge Brazilian flag, in which a couple of gauchos sold Brazilian churros. crowded and it took me a long time to get close. The churros cost 2 pounds and were worth every penny. I haven’t eaten such a good churros in years and I made a point of congratulating the couple.
candem2 candem4 candem1 The food court has tables for that you can sit back and enjoy your food and the movement of the place, but they are very crowded. Fortunately I was able to find one to eat quiet and rest a little and recover the energy to hit more legs!

A must-see tour!

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