Candy and confectionery stores in SP

People often ask where Dani buys cupcake molds, piping nozzles, cake molds and other bad things that appear in the channel’s videos. Well, each city has its own shop specializing in confectionery items and if you don’t live in São Paulo you can click here to access a very cool list of the best stores in the industry spread across Brazil (all of them recommended by you, beautiful and dedicated readers) .
Today the post is about the main stores in São Paulo. The good thing is that, depending on where you live, you can buy online and they deliver you in the comfort of home, look what a beauty! Shall we make candy? ; D
Barra Doce is a store specializing in utensils and confectionery products. Their website is divided into “Biscuits”, “Cakes and Bakery”, “Chocolates”, “Cupcakes” and “Sweets and Desserts” categories. From there, just search for what you want in the specific area and choose. The good thing about buying at Barra Doce is that you can split purchases both in the online store and in the physical store.
Address: Av. Dos Eucaliptos, 305 – São Paulo
Phone: VIRTUAL STORE (11) 3578-0449 – PHYSICAL STORE (11) 5543-6652 / (11) 5533-3560
Pastry nozzles are great when decorating that beautiful cupcake, right? I know that the task takes practice, but the right tip helps a lot at this time too. Wilton’s are the top of the line in this area (in fact, you can trust all the brand’s products) and Barra Doce, for example, has several options for nozzles and complete kits. In fact, if you want to know more about the types of nozzles and what decorations they serve, click here to read a post I made a while ago.
wilton-barradoce-beaksOther products widely used in confectionery are easy to find in these specialized stores. Remember that acetate, which Dani always uses to prepare taller and more structured cakes, like the Bem Casado Cake, the Strawberry Ombré or the Nutella Mini Naked Cake? They range from R $ 10.90 a package with five sheets and go up to R $ 25.90 (strip with 15cm). These are the ones, look:

A very useful tool for confectioning cakes is that long spatula that looks more like a ruler, you know? There is Barra Doce! They add a professional touch to the finish of your favorite cake. Click here to see the models; D

When it comes to syrup and caramel, you know that Dani is categorical: yes, you need to use a thermometer! When I wrote this post on the subject, I realized that it is very difficult to buy good thermometers in Brazil, but look at the good news. It’s in Barra Doce and it’s from Wilton. Hey! Click here to buy; D
In the food market for 15 years, this store sells products ranging from the confectionery, ice cream and coffee shop to cocktail utensils, party products and packaging.
Rua Paula Sousa 190, Luz / Centro – São Paulo – SP
Phone (s): (11) 3312-7800 / 3328-8200
You know, cake shape never hurts. When making a roll, then, it is very useful to have your own. At Central do Sabor you will find a very practical model, then just run and make the Rocambole de Nozes (or giant cameo hehe) from ICKFD!

Bondinho specializes in the resale of chocolates and confectionery. According to them, there are more than 15 thousand products for sale to professionals and amateurs, both in retail and wholesale.
Address: Av. Pompéia 1795, telephone (11) 3861.5530
The parking lot has space for 50 cars, our opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.
Something good to buy in stores like this is vanilla bean. Bondinho’s come from Madagascar (remember the movie? It’s from there!) And cost an average of R $ 20. You can make icing, cupcakes and even whipped cream, huh?
Another great thing to buy in specialized stores is the transfer for chocolates. You have several options at Central do Sabor, Bondinho and Barra Doce. They give this effect all decorated in the chocolates, take a look:
transfer-chocolate-chocolateapprentice-ickfdChocolate Apprentice
What do you like most to buy in these stores? Comment down here and have fun in the confectionery; D

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