Candy or Sprinkles?


Living in a giant country is having a lot of cultural diversity, and one of them is sweets. Each region of Brazil has different climates and reliefs, apart from that it still has the influence of the colonizers and folklore, this all reflects in the sweets of each place.
These days, I was thinking about the cocada, the guava, the umbuzada (“vitamin” extracted after the cooking of umbus), the cashew raisin (cashews cooked in syrup until it looks like a prune), the neêgo-bom ( sweetened banana candy and cut into cubes), among other very popular preparations here in Pernambuco, such as top hat (banana baked with cheese, covered with cinnamon and sugar), and Romeu e Julieta (combination of cheese and guava). I soon found myself daydreaming in a country that produces raspberries and blueberries, also cocoa, banana and coconut, as well as cupuaçu and açaí…
Traveling in our nation is putting the language to work, both in the sense of taste and in the literal sense. We are a people who use the adjective “sweet”, also as a noun, have you noticed? “I’m thinking of making a candy.” Do not stop there, the sex of angels is much discussed even in treats! An example of this is the eternal conflict of nomenclatures: Bala e Conffeito. I’m not defending one or the other name, but I find it very interesting.
ickfd gumphoto: Marcelo Leitte
In the work of cooking sugar in the confectionery there is a point called “bullet point”. We call jujube the gummy candy, also known as “American type gum”, but that is the power of fixing a brand, as well as chewing gum / “chiclet”.
Bombom, for me, is a chocolate with a filling inside, as is the example of the filling of hazelnut cream, different from a chocolate bar with pieces of hazelnuts, which I do not call a bonbon. I have already seen candies / confectionery being called chocolates. Ah, ice cream, also called dudu or sacolé …
No matter what we call it, what matters is the size of our love! And here at ICKFD, one thing is certain, we want a sweeter life!
For you, what is the sweetest / candy / confectionery / bonbon that is the coolest / coolest / dough / cool / animal / arreado / of the hour / good train?
I like those red cinnamon balls, also those strawberry ones that the packaging simulates a strawberry and the caramel dices.
bullet or confection ickfdphoto: Candyware house

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