Cannes 2016: pants on the red carpet!

Cannes 2016: pants on the red carpet!

Wearing pants and overalls at gala parties is almost taboo, isn’t it? Oops, I think we’re past that stage. Looking at the looks of the first days in Cannes I noticed that many artists are betting on this trend – and I love it!

cannes-2016-pants-and-monkeys-on-the-red-carpet-looks-danielle-noce-1 Picture – Glamor

Bringing new models to Red Carpet is incredible and shows that not only those lace and embroidered dresses are elegant. Dry overalls, monochromatic looks and super sophisticated pants can be part of your party production!

cannes-2016-pants-and-monkeys-on-the-red-carpet-looks-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Getty Images

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