Cara Delevingne Dangerous skinny trend!

Cara Delevingne Dangerous skinny trend!

International top models are celebrated like rock stars and are role models for millions of girls. Now possibly with even more dangerous consequences – because now they no longer only embody the ideal of an extremely slim figure, but also stand for a new, particularly daring beauty trend – the “thigh gap” (thigh gap).

Previously, critics had tried for years to ban the hungry models from the catwalk. However, the success was limited. Even worse: Instead of insight, the big supermodels are now seeing the “thigh gap” trend. In addition to bony shoulders, pointed elbows and protruding hip bones, the new ideal of beauty focuses on the gap between the thighs: catwalk professionals such as the British Cara Delevingne (21) and the Australian Miranda Kerr (30) will be around the large gap between the thighs ( “Thigh Gap”) envied.

Countless girls are already starving each other against this ideal and even inciting each other on social networks. Among other things, there is a Twitter account (@CarasThighGap) that deals exclusively with the gap between Cara Delevingne’s thighs. When the 21-year-old star model was asked about the attention his thighs enjoy, she was flattered and confessed to a British fashion magazine: “I think that’s cute!”

Hopefully this ideal of beauty will go out of style quickly. Otherwise – as before with the health-endangering “size zero” trend – the first fatalities may soon be mourned.

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