Caramelodrama confectionery – Curitiba

It was on a Friday evening that I met the long-awaited Caramelodrama. Knowing is not quite the right word, since the confectionery was present in the form of a blog for a few years, always with tips of incredible products and recipes (the day I made Carol’s pistachio cake will be remembered forever) , just waiting for the right moment to be inaugurated in a physical space.

After eight months of renovation and a lot of stress, chef Carolina Garofani saw her dream come true in the form of a gray house from the 50’s with two glass windows that overlook Al. Presidente Taunay, very close to Praça de Espanha. When you enter the bakery you want to live there forever and you can’t imagine that the place was almost shattered, from the roof to the floor, before the renovation. Wooden tables, two comfortable sofas and armchairs make us feel at home, always at the time of the cake with coffee.

caramelodrama mari mori ickfd1caramelodrama mari mori ickfd2photos: Marina Mori / Juliano Lamur

The window is decorated (decorated because all cakes and pies look like works of art) with cakes such as Mango Mambo, Salsa Caliente and, one of the most popular, Chocomelodrama. And as we do not live only with sweets, many quiches, empanadas and cheese breads (served with cream cheese or homemade pesto, made with herbs from the confectionery garden! <3).

caramelodrama kiss of almondscaramelodrama mari mori ickfd3

If there is one thing that makes Caramelodrama unique, it is the certainty that you will consume the freshest products made with the best quality possible. Carol has this as a motto and does not give up doing everything from scratch, from the cookies that go in the base of the cheesecake to the jellies and creams that cover the sweets. Ah! Speaking of which, it is possible to buy jars of jam and biscuit packages, in addition to special wines.

caramelodrama ickfd5

Thanks to the partnership of the confectionery with Rause Café + Vinho, the sweet-coffee combination is perfect. My tip is to try Chocomelodrama with a short espresso, no mistake. The cake, made of semisweet chocolate sponge cake with amarena syrup, caramel mousseline and semisweet chocolate ganache topping is such a delicate mixture of flavors and the feeling is that of participating in a party with an intense presence of cocoa, the welcoming spirit of caramel and the seduction of cherry. Divine. Now, if you’re more into an explosion of textures and flavors, Salsa Caliente will make you smile: pistachio sponge cake soaked in rum sauce, chocolate cream, coconut cream, burnt Italian meringue, pistachio sighs and coconut and mango gelée on top. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

caramelodrama chocolate cake ickfd

Very sweet? Not even a little. Carol makes sure that her cakes and pies don’t have a lot of sugar, which is a great thing. You can feel the unique flavor of each ingredient without getting sick.

caramelodrama ickfd4

Cool tips:


Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm

Al. Presidente Taunay, 434 – Batel

tel: (41) 3206-2271

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