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Do you know Cardamom? I’m a big fan of spices, their smells and flavors make me daydream. Some of them remind me of childhood memories or even travel. From the most popular to the most exotic, I always try to use these condiments to bring, in addition to taste, functional benefits to the recipe.
Originating in India, cardamom is from the ginger family. It has varieties, as well as several other plants, but the most common are green and black. What is most curious, for me, in cardamom, is that it would be a missing link between the aromas of lemon and ginger. Refreshing, sweet and striking, this spice is very present in the preparation of chai. It can be used in desserts, hot or cold dishes and also to flavor drinks.
benefits-of-cardamom-spices-antonio-walnut-ickfd-tomaytosource: Tomayto
In addition to the characteristic taste, it has minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. Has vitamin C and functional benefits: antiseptic, diuretic, digestive, expectorant, antioxidant. As well as black pepper and nutmeg, it is best to buy the whole cardamom. Open the berries just before use, thus avoiding the loss of their properties and flavor. To identify a quality cardamom, the berries must have a uniform color, be a little resistant, the seeds inside with a strong smell and stick together. Remembering once again about the care of your dry spices: Keep in a cool dry place and protected from light.
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Usage Tips:
* The use of spices with sweet notes is good for reducing sugar in drink recipes.
* Do you know that technique of flavoring a milk with vanilla bean? That’s right: boil and strain and then use for different purposes like making a cake, crème anglaise or pâtissière. The same can be done with other spices, try with cardamom.
* Add cardamom in the preparation of your lemon curd and strain before transferring to a bowl.
* If preparing a strained coffee, place some cardamom seeds next to the powder.
* If in this change of climate you caught that cold, use cardamom, it helps to decongest and is good for the throat. Also check out the post about star anise and its health benefits!
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