Care for puff pastry

Care for puff pastry

Nothing like a thousand leaves, a puff pastry, a puff pastry, is it? Preparations based on puff pastry are always very delicious and popular with friends and family! However, how many times have you bought some “puff pastry”, which was not puff pastry? That didn’t have that crunchiness required feature?
The puff pastry is nothing more than a pastry made with many, many layers of some fat, traditionally butter, which is responsible for its crunchiness and flavor.

Care for puff pastry

Photo: Paulo Cuenca – Instagram: @paulocuenca

A very cold oven it is usually responsible for a heavy, compact puff pastry without blades. Always check the required temperature and, if possible, provide an oven thermometer to control the temperature of the oven.
Throughout the process, the temperature of the dough should always be cold! The ideal would be to 14˚C. Avoid making puff pastry on very hot days.
If you are working with a large amount of dough, work with it little by little, leaving the rest wrapped in plastic wrap inside the refrigerator, to prevent the butter from melting. If the butter melts, the dough will not flake.

The fillings of the puff pastry should be at room temperature, so that you prevent the layers of butter from wilting and your dough does not leaf.
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