Carnival: party at home!

Carnival: party at home!

You know well that my Carnival has not been in thematic blocks or balls for some time. I really enjoy taking the holidays to rest and sometimes even work. For those who, like me, are not partygoers but love to invite friends to a party at home, I bet that setting up a carnival decoration at the holiday can be an excellent opportunity to gather the crowd at home and make a dinner or lunch beyond Special!

Photo – Deliciously at Home

I’m sure that even those who love to enjoy this time in bars and on the street will take some time to spend at their house and enjoy a carnival with their closest friends! For that occasion, using and abusing creativity and bold colors is essential ?



Photos – Valentina’s House and Architect Blog

Want a simpler tip than that? Swap out the streamers, which are the most difficult to clean, with fabric tapes – sometimes you even have some lost at home. Go to a haberdashery and buy colorful ribbons, it’s easy to find! If you have a garden, tie them to the trees and plants; for those who live in apartments, just hang the ornaments on a cleaner wall.
I know that a lot of people also like to make the pieces from beginning to end (DIY). If you are one of those people, it is worthwhile to cut some papers in bows and fit them together (as in the second photo). I know it takes a lot more work, but the effect is incredible in the decoration!

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