Carpet compositions

Carpet compositions

Bringing comfort and coziness in any decor is essential, especially when we talk about rooms like bedroom and living room. The choice of furniture and fabrics makes all the difference – curtains and rugs are great examples. By the way, why not bet on ideas that are out of the ordinary and decorate an environment with rugs that you never imagined together?

Picture – Annabode + Co

Well, today’s post is dedicated to carpets that are often items left aside at first. They can transform your decor, making it much more welcoming. As there are many pieces references, I decided to share tips on how to mix two (or more) rugs in the same space ?

Side by side: same style


Photos – Casa Vogue and Save the Bride

Choosing the same print style is an excellent alternative for creating unity in a larger environment. The graphic models, like the ones in the first photo, are very simple to combine (even more if you are in the same palette). Has a smaller corner, but loved the idea? Bet on the treadmills, as they can also create incredible compositions!

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