Carrot Cake: 6 Recipes For Those Who Love This Delight

Carrot Cake: 6 Recipes For Those Who Love This Delight

If you have a dessert that every Brazilian loves, this sweet is the carrot cake! After all, it is impossible to resist the orange and fluffy mass, covered by a delicious chocolate syrup.
We’ve already given some
tips on how to make your cake perfect, so now it’s time to suggest recipes. Each of them has a characteristic that sets it apart from the others, so be sure to test them all at home ?

Classic carrot cake

Starting with the super classic and traditional carrot cake! I promise that this recipe is guaranteed success, especially if you follow the step-by-step instructions exactly. In addition to being super fluffy and falling apart in the mouth, the syrup is a delicious and shiny semi-bitter chocolate ganache.
Classic recipe
carrot cake

Layered carrot cake

How about giving a fresh look at the carrot cake presentation, serving it in layers? To do this, just make a very creamy chocolate filling that intersperses with the fluffy slices of cake. Finishing the recipe, an incredible brigadeiro cover. Besides the result being beautiful, the cake is super tasty.
Oh, and depending on the decor, it can even be used as a party cake!
Classic recipe

layered carrot cake

Volcano carrot cake

If you are a fan of chocolate icing, this recipe is special and will surely make your mouth water. The volcano carrot cake is nothing more than the traditional pastry, but with a “hole” in the middle. This space, cut after the dough is already baked, is filled with a tasty chocolate syrup, which drips on all sides as soon as you cut the first slice of the cake. Who was in the mood to try it?
Classic recipe

volcano carrot cake

Gluten / lactose carrot cake

Not everyone can consume lactose and gluten-free foods. If this is your case, or the situation of someone you know, bet on this carrot cake recipe without these two ingredients. The chocolate sauce, in this case, is made with fat and coconut milk, vegetable cream, corn syrup, powdered sugar and, of course, a lot of chocolate!
Classic recipe

carrot cake

Photo: Mi Vida En Un Doce

Chocolate egg stuffed with carrot cake

Easter happens only once a year, but nothing prevents you from making chocolate eggs on other days and months. If you have that boldness, do not think twice before preparing this wonderful – chocolate egg stuffed with carrot cake and dark chocolate ganache. The dessert is beautiful to see and delicious to savor ?
Classic recipe

easter egg with carrot cake

Brigadeiro stuffed with carrot cake

I imagine that almost nobody has heard of brigadeiro stuffed with carrot cake. However, this sweet is wonderful and should have turned into a fever! In addition to the sweetness more, this is a great way to surprise guests at a birthday party, for example.
Classic recipe
brigadeiro stuffed with carrot cake
What is your favorite recipe with our beloved carrot cake? If I’m already at least one of these desserts, be sure to comment!

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