Carrot Cake Decoration with… Carrot?

Carrot Cake Decoration with… Carrot?

The classic carrot cake comes with a delicious chocolate syrup. But, what do you think of the idea of ​​innovating in this presentation? As it is a traditional recipe, we almost never risk going out of the ordinary.
However, new ways of decorating the cake are enough to give a fresh face to the candy. So, to help you in this challenge, we selected four ideas to surprise everyone with the final result of the recipe!


Many people will find this idea curious, but I promise it is very tasty! The mini carrot brigadeiros are delicious and the method of preparation is super simple. If you want a darker orange color, just add a little dye. We teach how to make this sweet in the recipe milk easter egg nest, be sure to take a look at it ?

Mini carrots

Carrot Cake Decoration with… Carrot?

Photos: The Little Epecurean and Frau Zuckerstein

Carrots themselves can also be part of the decor, even following the classic chocolate coating! To make the look more delicate, buy the smaller versions of the vegetable and leave only the topinho on top of the cake, as if the rest were buried!

Grated carrot

Carrot Cake Decoration with… Carrot?

Photo: Life Of Goodness

Finally, one of the simplest decorations: grated carrots. The only job you will have in this case is to think of other ingredients that combine with the carrot to compose the decoration. Let the creativity flow! Just be careful not to leave the cake in the refrigerator for many days, causing the carrot to brown.

Tempered chocolate

Carrot Cake Decoration with… Carrot?

Photos: Flour and Floral

Another way to use chocolate in this recipe is to make carrots out of the ingredient! For this to work, don’t forget to season chocolate well and respect the temperatures of the entire process. In cupcakes, for example, this can be the topping of the candy.
Which decoration tip did you like the most? Comment here!

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