Carrying off the flu?  Sick for work?  When to start staying home with a cold
Carrying off the flu sick for work when to start

Carrying off the flu? Sick for work? When to start staying home with a cold

Coughs, runny nose and fever often come overnight and then we feel really bad. But is that a reason to stay home or can we continue to work?

Winter time is cold season. Everywhere you cough and sneeze and sooner or later you will be caught yourself. And then the question arises every time: “Should I go to work with a cold or take sick leave?” This decision is not that easy. You are sure to have a bad conscience when you stay at home. In addition, in many jobs you have to catch up on the work you have not done when you are fit again and the thought of it alone is not pleasant. On the other hand, with a big cold, you can’t really concentrate anyway and just long for your bed.

In these cases, you can keep going to work

A common cold is usually not a reason to take sick leave. The decisive factor is always how you feel. If the runny nose is annoying and you sound hoarse, but you feel comfortable with it and have neither fever nor pain, you can easily continue to work. But it is also possible that your employer will send you home anyway. Because colds are transmitted by droplet infection and therefore often spread in offices. In order not to infect all colleagues, you should definitely make sure to wash your hands frequently.


Cough & runny nose
With this strange tip, you will get rid of your cold overnight!

Just before the vacation or the great party is a cold coming? In such a case, these SOS measures help.

When you should start taking sick leave

An important indicator that it is better not to go to work sick is pain. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a headache or a pain in the limbs: They prevent you from concentrating properly, are a sign of a stronger infection and therefore make a sick leave sensible. Even if you have a fever, you shouldn’t go to work sick. From 38 degrees, it is time to stay at home. At a slightly higher temperature of 37.5 degrees, you can still go to work as long as you feel comfortable.

Why it can be dangerous not to cure properly

When infected, viruses and bacteria can be found everywhere in the body, including in the heart muscle. If you drag off the disease and go to work with a bad cold, it can lead to heart muscle inflammation or inflammation of the lining of the heart. In the worst case, there is a risk of sudden cardiac death! And anyone who goes to work with bronchitis instead of resting runs the risk of pneumonia.

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