Carte Noire – amazing videos of amazing desserts

Carte Noire - amazing videos of amazing desserts

Making impeccable desserts is an art. Knowing how to brew a good coffee is an art. Putting these two things together and recording the best videos I’ve ever seen is a divine work. French confectionery Carte Noire, in partnership with the communication agency Proximity BBDO, produced a campaign capable of making people more resistant to salivary sweets. Titled with the colors of each dessert presented (Rosé, Rouge, Vert, Jaune), the videos show the preparation of chouxs, tiramisu with pistachios, mango foam and a thousand raspberry leaves in a way that seems magical. The butter melts while the flour dances over a mixture, the chocolate is perfectly shaped and raspberries are shown in their intimacy. And, in the blink of an eye, the most delicate sweets are presented to us accompanied by a well-drawn espresso.

After watching the videos you are already crying with emotion, but the happiness does not stop there. Carte Noire is so cool that it gives you the recipes for the videos! Yes that’s right. Well, I’ll stop talking for you to watch soon. Bisous: *

carte noir videos ickfdcarte noire videos ickfd2[vimeo]69161600[/vimeo][vimeo]63603852[/vimeo][vimeo]55692290[/vimeo][vimeo]63601281[/vimeo]* Post tip from reader Diane Mossman

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