Casa Mathilde and the Portuguese tradition

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Hello, loves!
Here is Lelê Gianetti from the blog It Yourself with another post for the ICKFD. Today I will give a tip a must for those who love Portuguese sweets.
I’m talking about a place delicious, traditional and super cute: a Casa Mathilde.
casa-mathilde-ea-tradicao-portuguesa-site-giuliana-maya-entry-da-docaria-ickfdSource: Giuliana Maia
The house is a confectionery typical that was founded in 1850 in Portugal and already won the premium best pastry shop Sao Paulo Three times.
Recently, opened a new unit in the Moema neighborhood, in the south zone of the São Paulo capital (the first being in the center), and I went to check it out.
casa-mathilde-ea-tradicao-portuguesa-site-s3-media3-fl-yelpcdn-infrastructure-icasa-mathilde-ickfdSource: Yelp
THE environment is broadsuper clean and has a very cute decoration that mixes modern elements with others more rustic, and of course, with the traditional Portuguese tiles.
THE service system of the establishment is varied. The customer can choose what he wants at the counter (all the menu options are displayed there) or sit at the tables, check the menu and make the request.
Despite being a pastry shop, store offers several options for traditional savory, sandwiches and various breads.
Among the sugar, we have cakes, dry cakes, cookies, ice creams and the conventuals (classics), plus several hot and cold drinks and natural refreshments.
mathilde-house-and-portuguese-tradition-soul-paulista-sweets-ickfdSource: Alma Paulista
I met the unit Moema on a Sunday afternoon, I ended up choosing to sit and order at table, since, the balcony it was super full!
To begin with, before eatI asked for one Hot chocolate (R $ 8).
It is served in a cup very cute, well the face of those Portuguese tiles that I mentioned, you know? In fact, all the plates also follow the same visual identity.
THE chocolate of them comes very warm, delicious and matches perfectly with sweets.
And since I mentioned the sweets, the first one I ordered was the Pastel de Nata (R $ 7.80), which is the traditional Pastel de Belém.
Here, we are talking about a true icon of Portuguese cuisine, perhaps the biggest classic gives confectionery their.
The Pastel de Nata of the place is incredible, certainly the best that I already I ate in life! The dough is perfect it’s the filling so … #yummy
After that wonderful, my next request was to Mathilde’s Queijada (R $ 8.50).
This candy is another portuguese tradition and takes almonds in the recipe.
THE Cheesecake is very good, but has not impressed as much as the Pastel de Nata!
Finally, I decided to try the Mimo de Pena (R $ 8.30), which is a kind of Quindim.
The basis of this dessert is made of coconut, egg cream and also a cherry.
Guys, this sweetie is also very good and is very similar to Quindim, which I love, but theirs is very soft. Note that they know very well how to do sweets with eggs!
Anyway, I just loved to know the Casa Mathilde and it was certainly just the first of many visits that I will do there. This, therefore, menu of them is super extensive and I intend prove all! #lelegordinha
The unit that I went to is located in Av. Ibirapuera, 2082 in Moema and suuuuuper recommend to everyone that, like me, is in love for sweets!
Good gordices for all of us, man! hihihi
Lelê Gianetti

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