Casual Blazer

Casual Blazer

Blazer is that classic piece that usually lasts a lifetime! They are great for day to day in the office or they help a lot to give that above in production. Blacks, with dark colors and more vertical prints, still help to refine the silhouette.
Compositions with jeans and shorts are super stripped. Those that mix skirts and dresses are feminine.



Photo 1 – Keep a Secret / Photo 2 – Juliana Parisi / Photo 3- Us Fashion Trends

Destroyed pants are amazing with blazer! I love this sport chic mix. The black blazer, classic of the classics, is ideal to leave the elegant look in the right measure. They look great with shorts and heels or jeans and sneakers. The most amazing thing is that the look is super minimalist, but very cool.



Photo 1 – Wendy’s Lookbook / Photo 2 – Fashion with Coffee / Photo 3 – Getty Images

The white blazer also goes with everything! From sports shirts to party dresses. The office look can be cuter with the light piece. Furthermore, it is the type of piece that goes by itself. Dress pants, dresses, jeans… Everything looks good!



Photo 1 – Nanda pieces / Photo 2 – Eu Capricho / Photo 3 – Anne makeup

A more modern production calls for a bolder color. Red and yellow blazers are already classics. Choose a light color at the bottom or mix cute prints, like the one in the first photo. If your style is more boho, choose moss green or beiges – they are neutral, but not obvious.



Photo 1 – Coolture Fashion / Photo 2 – Helena Bordon / Photo 3 – Camila Peixer Blog

Want to dare even more? Bet on the prints! Tribal, animal or plaid: these three classics are great for breaking a monochromatic look – or all jeans. Also, if you want to impress, put your signature on the look. Mixtures of prints and pieces that have your personality (like the round skirt with boots from the first look) are great ideas for you to get inspired.
You already have your blazer in the closet, right?

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