Casual leather

Casual leather

Did you know that leather can be very versatile? The pieces can be used both in more sophisticated looks and in super informal occasions. I don’t give up a good leather jacket myself to accompany me on trips and even in everyday productions – besides being warm, it helps to compose a good look Street ?

how-to-use-leather-pieces-in-casual-looks-fashion-danielle-noce-2 Photos – Look 1 / Look 2

I confess that I walk in a more casual phase and that is why leather has become so dear to my closet. To create a stripped look with this fabric, nothing better than composing with these finer pieces like sweatshirts, sneakers, short boots, cotton shirts and, of course, a lot of jeans!

how-to-use-leather-pieces-in-casual-looks-fashion-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Chic, Petiscos, Ju Romano, Modern Legacy, @oliviaculpo, Steal the Look, Candice Lake and Getty Images

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