Casual look for mid season

Casual look for mid season

No use, I will always prefer a comfortable and basic look to enjoy the day! When I went to vidcon that year, I tried to use simpler pieces that made me feel comfy – traveling with clothes that tighten and hurt has nothing to do with me. I decided to share this look with you, because I’m already dying to repeat this early spring!
With milder temperatures, you can even wear shorts and a T-shirt during the day without going cold. However, when it comes to the end of the afternoon it is always good to have a cardigan or a light jacket if the temperature drops too much – here in São Paulo people are already quite used to these crazy weather!
I liked this production because everyone has pieces in this style at home and that can work very well. The colorful coat gave the touch of color I wanted, left the look with a more fun touch.
The accessories were also essential and helped me a lot to put together this look and not make it so simple. The small bag of neutral tones is a wildcard for everyday life; the round glasses and the very large lenses are very modern and made the production more interesting ?
And what about this oxford? I don’t know if you noticed in the latest looks posted here, on vlogs or on instagram, but on my last trip to the United States I wore these shoes more than anything !! In addition to being beautiful, he is mega comfortable and, being white, combines with everything you can imagine!
Did you like this casual look inspiration for spring? We don’t need flowers and romantic pieces to get in the mood of this season!

  1. Short and t-shirt | Forever 21
  2. Cardigan and purse | Urban Outfitters
  3. Oxford Grenson Shoes
  4. Glasses | Colcci
  5. Ring | Buffalo Exchange

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