Casual with a touch of femininity

Casual with a touch of femininity

Anyone who has been with me since the beginning of the blog and / or the channel knows that I have always loved feminine and delicate productions. However, I do not know if you have noticed that I am in a more minimalist phase and opting for more stripped looks.
Why not combine the two?
Shirt dresses, or chemises, are perfect for a cool look. The garment, especially in jeans, has a more cool, nothing too little girl. However, when combining with the right accessories and marking the waist with a belt, the dress is much more delicate!
It was exactly to create a more girly look that I chose a super shiny shoe and a silver bag. The look could have been over, but the accessories, despite being striking, are more casual – I didn’t use a dress or a party bag, right?
Betting on wild cards like this dress is always a good investment, since by changing the accessories the production changes completely!

  1. Orange Top Dress | Dafiti
  2. Moleca Sneaker | Dafiti
  3. Dafiti Accessories Bag | Dafiti
  4. American Apparel Belt

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