Cathy Fischer vegan experiment!

Cathy Fischer vegan experiment!

She has been fascinated by nutrition since her school days. Now Cathy Fischer would like to eat vegan for a month. The beautiful friend of Mats Hummels spoke to Marians Welt about her plans and the concerns of her fans.

Cathy Fischer (25) is not only beautiful and clever – she is also a woman who loves experiments. The friend of soccer star Mats Hummels (25) has been particularly fascinated by nutrition since she graduated from high school. Now the Sky Lifestyle presenter has come up with something very special: She would like to eat vegan for a month. She speaks exclusively to Marians Welt about her experiment and reveals the greatest fears in her environment.

“I just wanted to try it out because I’ve read a lot of reviews,” explains Cathy. That’s why she bought the book “Vegan for Youth” by the Turkish author Attila Hildmann (32). “He revealed that a vegan diet also reduces biological age,” says the 25-year-old. A promise that sounds tempting. After all, the moderator has a specific, very ambitious goal in mind. “I want to look like 25 in 20 years – and that without surgery.”

The vegan diet should help her with this. Because Cathy is certain: “I believe that food can heal.” The self-confident young woman does not care that many people explain her to be crazy because of this statement. “I’m just a little herbalist,” she explains with a laugh. In any case, those around you think the vegan experiment is great. Only her fans would care a little about her. “Of course, many think that I want to get even thinner. This is nonsense. I am very satisfied with myself, ”emphasizes the Hummels friend and hopes that this will take the wind out of the sails of her critics. Because, continues Fischer: “Vegans don’t fall off the meat. My goal is to become vital and fit and to get more performance. “

She also gets support with her experiment from her mats. The two have been a couple since 2007. “He thinks my vegan month is great. He even wants to take part, ”says the happy woman from Munich. “As a competitive athlete, he knows that the body is his capital and that he must therefore give it its best. At the moment he’s just watching how things go for me. “

And so far it’s been going great, reports the brunette. “There are so many great things you can do with vegetables.” Still, she can’t imagine going vegan forever. “I love fish and meat far too much for that,” admits Cathy Fischer.

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