Causses – Sud Pigalle

Causses - Sud Pigalle

In my wanderings last week, looking for an apartment that wasn’t the eye of the face, but that at least had a kitchen that could cook (it’s amazing how the French don’t seem to have an oven in their kitchens), I ended up passing by a street in 9eme going up towards Montmartre. Right on the corner of the street what do I see? A supermarket, kind of like a fair, but super stylish, with a New York look. I had to go in immediately to see what it was about.
When I entered the store I already found the face, several dried fruits in giant jars, caramelized almonds and covered with sesame, olive oil in a barrel for you to fill your bottle yourself; orange juice the same thing (you make it right away and take it home), super fresh fruits and vegetables with a canister that vaporizes water over them, cheeses, salami, flours, spices. Anyway, everything a good French market would have, but with a small difference.
causses 1causses 2 causses 4I come across a gigantic column where it was written: “Here at Causses, we are attentive to the seasons and the production processes of our partners and suppliers. We guarantee that the processed products we sell do not contain dyes, anti-oxidants, acidulants, thickeners and industrial preservatives, whose harmfulness to the organism is the object of attention. In this sense, our partners / suppliers sign a term banning these additives. It may sometimes be that some of the suppliers use colorants in their products for reasons of manufacturing costs. In that case, we guarantee that we will not select such products from the range of offers from these suppliers. ”
pillar causses1 pillar causses2Just below that, they put a huge list of all the additives that they don’t accept in the components of their products and still claim that they are not perfect, that as the years go by, new research and discoveries are made in relation to foods and products that they do not do health well, and that being so their list will be constantly changing and reviewing which products will enter there to be sold.
Food awareness at Causses is great and they also have a small soup, salad and sandwich factory, all following the same principles. In addition, they teach cooking classes with seasonal foods.
causses products2 causses products3 causses vegetables causses products1I wish I had found my apartment nearby. ; D But I will definitely come back again.

causses biscuitsCookies I brought home; D

written cookiesOne, the vanilla, comes with written messages and on each of the cookies the message says something different. Very cute!

[youtube]svFfQERsnug[/youtube]The Causses is located at 55, rue Notre Dame de Lorette.
causses card

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