Cement and Concrete in Décor

Cement and Concrete in Décor

Cement and concrete have always been part of the decoration, but for many years they were “hidden” under coverings. The trend for “unfinished” material has come on strongly in recent years and I confess that I love the effect on the decor.
In newly built spaces it is simpler to preserve the concrete of the building itself, but it is also possible to hire professionals qualified to reproduce the technique of burnt cement on floors and walls. For those looking for practicality, nowadays it is also possible to reproduce very similar versions with ink – besides taking less time to make, it is much more affordable ?

Cement and Concrete in Décor

Photo: Decoholic

Concrete and cement appear not only in finishing, but also in decorative and furniture accessories. The combination of textures with wood and even gold or copper metals is very popular. I made a selection of great ideas for those who enjoy the material ?


Cement and Concrete in Décor

Photo: Apartment Therapy

The burnt cement floor is a true classic in industrial decoration. In addition to the heavier and “unfinished” aesthetics that I love, you cannot deny that the coating is very practical in everyday life. The finish can go from the most worn to the most polished, everything depends on your desire.


Cement and Concrete in Décor

Photo: My Domaine via Pinterest

Walls and even support columns can give all the charm to the space. The material matches perfectly with lofts that have that New York feel, right? Those who are following the production work diaries saw that the bottom of the office has many references in this style.


Cement and Concrete in Décor

Photo: Diys

Concrete benches and tables may not be extremely practical, but you cannot deny that they are very charming. In fact, this is an excellent option for outdoor areas. Balconies and balconies already have this more rustic style and that is why it is much easier to combine the pieces in space.


Cement and Concrete in Décor

Photo: Anthopologie

Researching more on the subject I saw that it is quite common to find lamps, lamps and even pendants with this finish. And isn’t that the greatest charm? The pieces that mix textures (wood, for example) are my favorites. Finish with filament lamps, those very vintage, so that the effect is even cooler.


Cement and Concrete in Décor

Photo: Etsy via Pinterest

Cachepots, trays, jewelry boxes, coat racks… Wow, today there are plenty of concrete pieces that bring that touch of personality to the environment.


After the references, I’m sure you were wondering where to find this type of piece. I made a list with products that you can buy online. I hope you like it ?
Cement and Concrete in Décor

1- Oppa Design | R $ 422.49
2- ShopTime | R $ 135.00
3- Pending on Etna | R $ 199.90
4- Imaginarium | R $ 19.90
5- Studio & Workshop via Elo7 | R $ 55.90
6- Collector 55 | R $ 90.00
7- Muma. | R $ 100.00
8- National Gallery | R $ 99.00
9- Warehouse House Decoration | R $ 189.00
10- Studio & Workshop via Elo7 | R $ 79.90

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