Change starts with you – Food Revolution Day

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This is a dessert site. I love eating sweets and I’m sure you are on my team, but today I’m going to talk about a topic that needs to be discussed. Our children are eating poorly here and in many other countries around the planet. Speaking of numbers: there are 42 million children under 5 years of age who are overweight or obese. In addition, many of them have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease that used to be common in adults over 40. Although we can’t resist a slice of cake here, a brigadeirinho there (let this guy down there don’t even listen to me! Hahaha), we know (or should we know) that we need to have a balance in food, right? You, reader, are aware that if you eat sugar the whole day you will be sick. A child does not know this. There needs to be food re-education in schools, and that is where Jamie Oliver comes into action.
He is one of the best known chefs in the world. Of course, the more than 20 TV series and specials, in addition to the dozen books released, helped him a lot to establish his image of “celebrity”, say. However, what makes him a man of respect is something else. In my opinion, it is the effort and dedication with which he develops his projects for a better world in terms of food. When a campaign for restructuring British school lunches started around 2005 (Jamie’s School Dinners), the chef showed that he was able to make the children eat real food, not the fast foods served daily in the canteens.
After that, he went to try to convince the government that the snack budget was not enough. The result was an injection of 280 million pounds (approximately R $ 1.4 billion) for schools to be able to afford food. Incredible, huh?
Well, the revolution was not just in British territory. Today, Jamie Oliver proposes something bigger, which will have an impact on each country. You probably know a child who attends school, right? Well then. Head on, you know how to tell me the name of some educational institution that encourages children to plant, harvest and cook their own food Here in Brazil?
And me neither. But that may soon change and you have the power to help. About two months ago, Jamie launched the “Food Revolution Day”, a campaign that proposes to reduce childhood obesity. It goes like this: he needs 3 million signatures to take them to the G20, the group of finance ministers and heads of central banks in 19 countries in the world plus the European Union. After that, this group will vote on the need for all schools in the world, or at least most of them, to include in their curricula the practice of nutrition education, that is, children will learn to plant, harvest and realize how valuable it is to prepare their own food!
More than half of the goal has already been reached, but there is still a way to go. Have you signed the petition? Click here and subscribe! Share with friends on all social networks and together we will help our children today and those to come so that they have a more conscious and healthy diet.
Several videos have already been released for the campaign and these two were my favorites. The music that illustrates Food Revolution Day is exciting! (Both videos have subtitles in Portuguese).

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