Charlottes For Every Taste!

Charlottes For Every Taste!

The end of the year is coming and I’m sure that many people are already thinking about the sweets and snacks that will make up the party tables. One of the most elegant desserts for these celebrations is, without a doubt, the Charlotte. Besides being wonderful visually, the candy is very tasty. If you decide to prepare this recipe, you can be sure that everyone will be delighted ?

Charlottes For Every Taste!

Complete recipe

As much as this is a classic dessert, reinventing and transforming it with creativity is always welcome. Thinking about it, I selected some decoration suggestions and recipes that you will love!

Red fruits

How about a charlotte as well refreshing in Red fruits? Here on the website you can take a look at my creation, which also has a delicious syrup of kirsh and rose water. The end result of this recipe is just incredible!
To make the decoration more sophisticated, use a very delicate ribbon to put around the candy. In addition to giving more support to the cookies while the dessert is not served, the bow makes the charlotte super

Chocolate and Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I’m crazy about chocolate! Anyone who has been with me for a while knows how much I love a recipe good chocolatuda. If you’re like me, bet on charlotte 2 chocolates. To see the recipe, just click here. The dough of this wonder is very fluffy and the mousse filling melts in your mouth. Just imagining it made me want to eat!
Another sweet that combines with charlotte is our beloved
Tiramisu. Since his revenue is based on champagne cookies, placing the ingredient around the dessert will make it even more delicious. Here you will find a recipe for pavé tiramisu cake. After you have followed all the steps, just add the cookies around the cake at the time of completion.

Mini version

Charlotte can also be a great gift! The mini version of the candy is perfect for those who want to gift someone, but have no idea what to give. In addition to showing affection for the person, you will be giving something unique, special and delicious.
This small model is also a good one for those who want to make different fillings and pasta in smaller portions, but want to make everything look more uniform. In this case, the topinho of the candy can be used as a sign of the filling, being decorated with fruit or chocolate, for example.


Charlottes For Every Taste!

Photo: Liv For Cake

Do you want to make charlotte, but find the decoration too exaggerated or too traditional? So, just use your imagination when placing the champagne cookies at the time of finalizing the recipe. Obviously, the result will not be a very classic charlotte. However, in terms of flavor, there will be virtually no difference!
So, did you like the ideas? In my view, this is one of the most beautiful and delicious confectionery recipes. In fact, I would eat a little piece of it right now ?

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