Charm and Delicacy in Décor
Charm and delicacy in decor

Charm and Delicacy in Décor

You must already be tired of knowing how important I find lighting in the decoration, right? I really love the subject, after all, what is the point of setting up a very cozy room and putting a super strong white light? The yellowish and mainly indirect lighting is ideal for those who want to make an intimate space more comfortable.
For this, you can invest in sconces, lamps, lamps, spots and even candles and lanterns.

Photo: Pop Sugar

You probably associate lanterns with a more boho decor, after all, it is almost impossible not to remember tents and outdoor areas when we talk about the piece.
The well-crafted models, with many details and a more rustic finish are ideal for this type of environment, but it is also possible to use the piece in other contexts.

The most minimalist models with glass and metal, for example, can bring all the charm to indoor environments. The pieces can compose the decoration of a coffee table, a bookcase or even a sideboard.
In more relaxed spaces it is legal to use larger pieces on the floor, but in this case it is better to bet on lights than on candles that can cause accidents.

Photos: Weddings of sweet cakes and mint in the middle via Pinterest

The most delicate models are also excellent allies at parties, see? Hanging them on trees, fabrics or placing them with a table arrangement makes the decoration super charming.

In addition to the undeniable versatility, lanterns are usually much more affordable than lamps and lamps. Now there is no lack of reasons for you to bet on the item, right?


1- Led Luster at Americanas | R $ 58.50
2- Etna | R $ 149.90
3- Etna R $ 25.99
4- Tok & Stok | R $ 14.50
5- Dekore Already Americanas | R $ 25.10
6- Etna | R $ 7.99
7- Led Luster at Americanas | R $ 90.99
8- Le Lis Blanc | R $ 169.90
9- Tok & Stok | R $ 56.90
10- Le Lis Blanc at Shop2gether | R $ 129.90

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