Charm in the office: suspended tables

Charm in the office: suspended tables

Have you ever stopped to think that the way your furniture is supported can give all the charm to the environment? Stick feet, for example, always bring a retro touch to the space. Easels, on the other hand, bring a more rustic and bare footprint.
Now, if your intention is to create a modern and innovative effect, the suspended tables are perfect.

Photo – Tech Bang

I’m addicted to Pinterest (by the way, follow me there) and lately I’ve been researching more and more office references. One piece that caught my attention was the “floating” table, as it makes any work environment instantly more cool. The models are usually supported by steel cables.

Picture – Kika Reichert

However, I also fell in love with this reference with chains. I think the furniture goes perfectly with industrial decorations.

Picture – Jochen Mikesz

The leather-covered model is also an option. The thinner and more delicate strip helps bring sophistication to the office and takes the ambience out of the obvious. Of course, the space remains clean, but as you know, the details make all the difference ?

Photo – DD.AA.

The table support really changes all our perception of the environment and the space is transformed! Did you also enjoy these references with different tables and full of personality?

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