Checkered shirt in airport look
Checkered shirt in airport look

Checkered shirt in airport look

Since a lot of people are coming back from a trip tomorrow, how about getting inspired by a mega comfortable airport look? I always wear pants, because inside the plane it’s really cool.
It is always good to bring a light jacket or a warmer shirt. I opted for a very wide plaid shirt. To remain very comfortable, I used a delicious slip on sneaker. It does not tighten, you can easily remove it during the journey and, on top of that, it has holes to help you cool down.
In addition to the handbag, of course I carry a bag with the most essential items – I’ve even made a video about it!

  1. Shirt | Urban Outfitters
  2. Pants | Forever 21
  3. Purse | Kate Spade
  4. Hand bag | Bricks

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