Chef’s Table – A series about chefs around the world

Chef's Table - A series about chefs around the world

Prepare the heart. A little less than two weeks ago, Netflix launched in its exclusive catalog a series dedicated to food lovers, the Chef’s Table. In each of the six episodes, we will be able to see what the routine of great chefs around the world is like. Our curious minds and hungry stomachs will know who they are, where they live and what they eat (hehehe), but mainly how they are inspired by common ingredients or have the courage to challenge rigid concepts of some traditions. Imagine, for example, serving a plate of six tortellini (pasta very similar to capeletti) lined up and a thin layer of sauce around. Six. One bundle of pasta after another. Served like this, without shame, in an Italian restaurant by an Italian chef.
That’s what Massimo Bottura, from the Osteria Francescana restaurant, in Modena, Italy, did. He stars in the first episode of the series. In the following, we are introduced to other chefs who, like Bottura, stood out in the profession. As Francis Mallmann, chef at El Restaurante Patagonia Sur, in Buenos Aires, said, to grow and improve it is necessary to walk a little on the edge of uncertainty.
Take a look at the trailer:
[youtube]C6vGJMwsyss[/youtube]The series director is David Gelb, from the documentary “Jiro: Os Sushis dos Sonhos de Jiro”. Soon I’ll post a review here!
Are you excited to watch? Me too. Soooo much! Just to make you more excited, I’ll leave the trailers for each episode for you to be enchanted. Kisses: *

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