Chemise: The Piece for Those Who Like Versatility!

Chemise: The Piece for Those Who Like Versatility!

I am not the type of person who uses the term “must have” frequently, after all, I think that everyone has a lifestyle and a personal taste and who am I to say that a piece is “mandatory” in the closet? someone? However, I always like to share tips and product suggestions that work for me, and when it comes to fashion, I also love to notice the types of garments that I use the most.
I noticed that the chemise style dress (that elongated shirt type piece) has been present in my looks for some years and, surprisingly, being used in many ways!

I usually don’t consider unique pieces, like dresses and overalls, super-versatile models but the chemise does have its advantages! You can use the model alone as a dress, pants and skirts as a shirt, open as a third piece and even as a beach outlet ?
To prove the versatility and practicality of the piece, I selected several incredible references that will surely inspire your looks throughout the year – even because this is a model that can be used in both summer and winter!


Chemise: The Piece for Those Who Like Versatility!

Photos: AliExpress and Steal the Look

I couldn’t start by talking about the most common way to use the piece. I confess that I like the looser models so as not to risk the buttons opening when sitting, you know? The cool thing about this type of garment is that if you want to make the look more feminine, just finish off the look with a belt at the waist or open more buttons for a sexier grip (both on the legs and on the neckline)!


Who has never worn a dress with a beautiful top inside the pants or the skirt “turning it” into a blouse? The same goes for chemises used as a shirt! For those who have a more daring style, you can also use the piece inside a shorter skirt leaving the bar appearing or even on the opposite side ?


Remember how kimonos were fever a few years ago? So, you can use the open chemise in the same ways! That more basic look with jeans and T-shirt, for example, is much cooler with a third elongated piece, right? You can also use the model on top of tidier dresses to give that “broken”!


Chemise: The Piece for Those Who Like Versatility!

Photos: Sirma Markova and Tendances de Mode

Still in the “third piece” footprint, the lightest fabric chemises also look great on the beach or in the pool. If you are going on a trip to a tropical destination, you can use the model as a dress at the beginning of the trip and the other days as a beach trip!


Long slit models can also be worn over pants for a cool look. This is the most “difficult” way to use the piece, but you can’t deny that it makes the look much more interesting. The chemise can be used all closed, with only one buttoned part and, if the cracks were deeper, you can even make that little knot on the front ?


Chemise: The Piece for Those Who Like Versatility!
1- NYBD Chemise Camouflage Dress at Shop2gether – R $ 255.90
2- Basic Chemise Dress AMARO Viscose – R $ 199.90
3- Chemise Dress in Curve & Plus Size Jeans at Renner – R $ 159.90
4- Gray Ribbed Chemise from Gii Sleepwear at Gallerist – R $ 410.00
5- AMARO Printed Satin Midi Chemise – R $ 209.90
6- Le Lis Blanc Clarissa T-shirt at Shop2gether – R $ 178.90
7- Chemistry Dress Tailoring from AMARO – R $ 89.90
8- AMARO Linen Chemise Dress – R $ 249.90
9- Bisô Gray Striped Chemise at Dafiti – R $ 119.90
10- Zattini Prince of Wales Chess Forwhy Chemise Dress – $ 79.90

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