Cher A little fitness junkie

Cher A little fitness junkie

Despite her 67 years of age, “Closer To The Truth” star Cher is still a long way from being scrapped. The pop icon has one thing to thank for: her strict work-out plan.

At the age of 67, singer Cher can look back on an almost 50-year career in show business. A remarkable achievement, because hardly any musician career is that long these days. And the pop icon doesn’t seem to be thinking of quitting for a long time. On the contrary: at the end of the week, the American’s new record, “Closer To The Truth”, will be released.

But how do you stay at the top in such a tough business over such a long period of time? In an interview with the British “Hello!” Magazine, Cher revealed the secret of her ongoing success: daily work-out and a healthy lifestyle. “I train five times a week because it’s something I’ve always done and I just enjoy it.”

In addition to the workout, the “Closer To The Truth” singer also pays attention to a healthy diet: “I don’t like meat. And most of the things I like are healthy, except for desserts. I don’t do drugs and don’t drink very often, ”said Cher. And despite her 67 years, the musician has not downshifted a gear during her work-out. Her personal trainer has been training her even harder lately than in previous years.

“I tried to take my trainer’s age card, but it didn’t work.” Fortunately, thanks to the hard workout, Cher feels fitter today than ever before, as she happily explains to the magazine. But it was not easy for her: Compared to before, she now has to train twice as hard to keep her slim figure.

“You have to work twice as hard. You have to be in the gym all the time, but I like it, ”said Cher. The new album by the young-at-heart sports cannon entitled “Closer To The Truth” will be in stores from October 4th.

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