Chinatowns around the world

Chinatowns around the world

I always liked Chinese food and, of course, those super eccentric products. Chinatowns are super typical Chinese neighborhoods, where you can find many different things and even Mandarin becomes the official language in that place. On my last trip to New York, I didn’t miss it – oha just the full vlog!


Photo – Shafir Info

Chinatown’s New York it is one of the best known in the world and it is not for less: it is the largest in the west! It is the neighborhood with the largest concentration of Chinese in the United States and brings together different types of commerce: from food to unusual items.

chinatowns-around-the-world-travel-danielle-noce-1 Photo – New York / NYC Daily Pics

Chinatown’s San Francisco it was the first in the United States. There you will find several night markets and other typical events, such as some festivals. It’s super worth taking a stroll there, the decor is beautiful!

chinatowns-around-the-world-travel-danielle-noce-2 Foto – San Francisco /

Canada also has some Chinatowns, the most famous of which is in Vancouver. In addition to being the third largest in North America, the neighborhood still has one of the most beautiful Chinese gardens outside of China, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Classical Garden. The garden is one of the tourist attractions in the city, as it was the first one built outside of China.

chinatowns-around-the-world-travel-danielle-noce-3 Photo – Vancouver / Inside Nanabreads head

Paris also owns his Chinatown, you know? In fact, there are some Chinese neighborhoods scattered around the city, but the most famous is in the 13th arrondissement. Called by locals Chinese District, in the neighborhood you will find several delights.

Marching band performing in Kobe's ChinatownFoto – Paris / Olivier Morice (Flickr)

Still in Europe, London it also has one of the most famous Chinatowns in the world. Typical restaurants are always a good choice. In addition, you can find various Chinese ingredients in stores, which are super hard to find.

chinatowns-around-the-world-travel-danielle-noce-5 Foto – Londres / Wikipedia

In Singapore you find one of the most beautiful Chinatowns. In addition to food, grocery stores and shops, Chinatown has several temples! It’s like entering a new country, really!

chinatowns-around-the-world-travel-danielle-noce-6 Photo – Singapore / How Africa

Thinking about going to do an exchange in Melbourne, in Australia? Yes, there is also Chinatown! In fact, the city has received Chinese people for many centuries and that is why the culture there is super alive. Festivals, fairs and even chess championships take place there. The neighborhood also has a museum and in February there is a Chinese film festival!

chinatowns-around-the-world-travel-danielle-noce-7 Foto – Melbourne / Visit Victoria

Now you have several opportunities to get to know Chinese culture more closely, don’t you?

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