Chocolate and Wine – The perfect wedding

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Nothing better than finishing a meal with a piece of chocolate, isn’t it? Even better is to accompany this divine dessert with a delicious glass of wine. But you know which wine goes best with chocolate?

The answer is: it depends on the chocolate. Depending on the cocoa content of the chocolate, some wines harmonize better than others. The rule (which always has exceptions) says that to combine better, wine must be equally sweet or sweeter than chocolate – and never acidic.

This effect happens because the sweetness of the chocolate can increase the acidity of the wine, and become unpleasant on the palate.

So to get it right when choose wine, here are some combinations with chocolate recommended by sommeliers who understand the subject:

truffles-white-chocolate-wine-cookdiary-ickfdSource: Cook Diary – Top photo: Sift and Whisk

In addition to cocoa butter, the White chocolate has vanilla in its composition. White and sweet wines help to balance these flavors.

Among the most recommended to accompany a bar or desserts with white chocolate, are usually the Moscato and the liqueur Pedro Ximenez. If you don’t like sweet wines very much, an alternative would be a sparkling wine Chardonnay demi-sec.

chocolate-sprinkles-callebaut-ickfdSource: Callebaut
Because it is creamy and less sweet than white chocolate, milk chocolate harmonize better with a greater variety of wines. Sommeliers recommend tasting this variety with light-bodied red wines like Pinot Noir, or medium-bodied, like Merlot or Carmenère.

Remember that as the rule allows wine to be sweeter than chocolate, but not vice versa, sweet wines that match white chocolate also pair well with milk chocolate and desserts made with it.

chocolate-varieties-of-cocoa-itsmademoisellelove-ickfdSource: It’s mademoiselle Love

The bitter taste of this chocolate goes very well with more full-bodied wines, with dense tannins and intense flavors. In this case, sommeliers recommend Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Zinfandel.

The wines Pinot Noir and Merlot is also compatible with semi-bitter chocolates softer (up to 60% cocoa).

In general, these are the combinations that work best when it comes to harmonize wine with chocolate, but that doesn’t stop you from letting your imagination run wild. It is only by testing and proving that you will arrive at the combination that suits you best.

Now we go to the difficult part: taste a heap of wine with a heap of chocolate and see which one suits you best! How boring, huh? Hehehe!

Chocolate and Wine - The perfect weddingHomemade Nutella truffle

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