Chocolate Brownie: 10 Recipes to Make at Home
Chocolate brownie 10 recipes to make at home

Chocolate Brownie: 10 Recipes to Make at Home

Let’s talk about him, the dear and chocolatudo Brownie. It cannot be denied that this is one of the favorite desserts of many people out there. In fact, I bet if you made it to that list, you love it too. In addition to being delicious and easy to prepare, it can have infinite versions and remains always amazing.
Here, we separate our favorite recipes, which include versions without lactose for those who have some type of food restriction. So, if you are tired of making the same recipe every time, just try one of these whenever you make a chocolate brownie ?


If we already love brownie, imagine a version with Nutella? The traditional hazelnut cream enters the dough to give an even greater creaminess and can even be served as a syrup to complement the flavor of the muffin.
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For those who love desserts with a light alcohol content, this is the perfect option! Although practically all the alcohol evaporates, the flavor of the beer is still present – even in the syrup. And more! The sweetness of the sugar is broken by the bitterness of the drink, leaving the brownie super balanced.
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Although this dessert looks super complex, I swear it isn’t! The brownie base acts as a layer for this delicious dessert, also made with a salted caramel cream and a shiny chocolate ganache. The only care is at the point of the caramel, so pay attention to the way of preparation, combined?
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Chocolat brownie


There is also a brownie version for people who can’t eat that much candy, but still miss a sugar in their mouth. This sweet potato brownie recipe is a hit: creamy, nutty and a lot of chocolate.
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I dare say this is one of the easiest brownie recipes in the WORLD! In addition to taking few ingredients, the preparation method is super simple and takes less than 20 minutes. With the dough ready, just wait for it to bake for a few minutes to delight.
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Another very different version of our classic. This time, it comes with a layer of very fluffy marshmallow and a crunchy almond. This recipe requires a longer wait time, so do it only if you’re not in a hurry ?
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brownie with marshmallow


Many people make brownies and complain that the recipe is always a little dry. So, in order not to be wrong about the point of the cookie, bet on this version. It is one of the most traditional, so it is important to follow the list of the right ingredients.
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In love with red fruits? If so, you don’t have to think twice before separating the ingredients to make this wonder. In addition to the raspberries in the dough, the red fruit syrup makes everything even more special.
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From the same sweet potato brownie makers, a version with black beans! Even though it is a very eccentric ingredient for a sweet, beans are essential to give structure and creaminess to the dough. And no, you will not taste the grain. Cocoa and melted chocolate always steal the show ?
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How can you not love the combination of a creamy brownie dough with the crunchy M & Ms? This one is perfect for remembering childhood or for those with children at home ❤
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Photo: Cookies and Cups

See how it has an option for all tastes? That’s why I love a universal recipe! Then comment here which of these brownies is your favorite.

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