Chocolate Drops in Desserts!

Chocolate Drops in Desserts!

Is there anything better than sweets with beautiful and delicious decoration? Use droplets of chocolate at the end of the dessert it is a great way to add flavor, besides giving a special face to the delights.
Oh, and nothing prevents you from using this chocolate format in recipes. I, for example, always use it! In fact, you often ask me a lot where to find this type of chocolate. I always end up using the da
Callebaut. In addition to the droplets being delicious, the brand has varying percentages of cocoa ?

Chocolate Drops in Desserts!

Photo: Pinch of Yum

If you were eager to know how to use the chocolate drops in the dessert decor, just stay tuned to these inspirations that I selected for you. The result is very chocolatudo!


How about making a different cake decoration with the chocolate droplets? You can put them in different ways, just use your imagination. One of them, for example, is to fill only the base of the candy, forming a “basket”. Depending on the filling, it is interesting to mix the chocolate with nuts or chestnuts crushed for better taste and texture.
If you prefer to make a more rustic decoration and without many details, throw several drops on the top of the cake and / or on the sides. For the taste to stand out among the dough, opt for a little more chocolate bitter and with more concentrated flavors!

Minor sweets

Impossible to talk about chocolate chips without mentioning Cookies, huh? If you are looking for a good recipe, just click here. Other really cool ways to incorporate the droplets is to place them around the candy, like around ice cream cones or even to decorate cannolis. As in the case of the cake, the dessert gains a new texture and an extra flavor that makes all the difference.

Pies and cheesecakes

Chocolate Drops in Desserts!

Photos: Eat Little Bird and The Well Floured Kitchen

At pies and cheesecakes they work more or less in the same scheme as the cakes. The difference is that, in these cases, it becomes more complicated to add drops of chocolate around the candy. Therefore, give preference to keep the ingredient only on top of the dessert.
What did you think of the ideas? I confess that I felt like going to the kitchen and preparing a very chocolaty cake to finish with the droplets. Be sure to take a look at the Italian straw pie recipe and the paçoca milkshake. In these two sweets I used the chocolate drops in the decoration!

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