Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!

Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!

Whether for fillings or for roof, The chocolate ganache it is always a success in the world of confectionery. In addition to being delicious and super easy to make, this type of preparation is super versatile and can even be complemented with other ingredients, such as soluble coffee powder or fruit juices.
Despite having a simple preparation method, some people face some difficulty to reach the ideal texture or let the cream carve. If you identify with these issues and want to know all the secrets to the perfect chocolate ganache, just check out all the tips we have put together!


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!

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It doesn’t matter if you want the firmer or creamy ganache: the texture should always be smooth. After all, we don’t want to find badly melted pieces of chocolate or realize that the cream is cut.
To prevent this from happening, never mix the main ingredients at very different temperatures. The ideal is that the chocolate is melted (preferably in a water bath) and the cream is warm (never boiled!).
Another way to prepare ganache is to place the heated cream over the chopped chocolate. If you choose this option, let the ingredients rest for a few minutes before mixing. Thus, the chocolate is already more malleable and a little melted due to the heat of the cream.
One more detail that cannot be left out: the chocolate must always be in pieces! In addition to making it easier to melt, it prevents it from burning in some parts if you melt in the microwave. And speaking of microwaves, nothing to put a single time to melt all the chocolate, combined? Take breaks every 30 seconds and stir the ingredient so that it melts evenly.


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!
Like brigadeiro, ganache is even more appetizing when it has that sparkle that fills your eyes. However, many people end up leaving out some ingredients and the cream becomes matte.
If your intention is a very shiny ganache, the secret is simple: add a little butter, honey or corn glucose in preparation. Don’t forget that honey usually leaves a residual flavor, so just add the ingredient if you don’t mind feeling a little bit of flavor in the topping or filling. Oh, and if you prefer a matte ganache, just keep the cream and chocolate mixture without any additional ones ?


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!
Now for the most controversial point: texture! The less cocoa solids and the more fat the chocolate has, the smaller the amount of cream. White and milk chocolate, for example, have high levels of fat. So if you add too much cream, your ganache risks becoming too thin.
But, if you want thinner coverage, bet on these two types of chocolate with a greater amount of sour cream. The secret is to dose this liquid element to leave the ganache in the texture you prefer and choose the type of chocolate well.
For very creamy ganaches and with stronger chocolates, like bitter and bitter, for example, just add more cream in the recipe!


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!
Now if you are more consistent team ganache, the rule is contrary! Bet on chocolates with more cocoa solids, like semi-dark or bitter chocolate, and a smaller amount of sour cream. This firmer spot is one of the most sought after for more heat resistant cake toppings or for spout work, whether to cover cupcakes or make a decorated cake.
If you prefer to use milk chocolate because of the softer taste, the solution for a more consistent cream is to decrease the amount of cream, since the chocolate will have more fat. Did you notice what a game of proportions is like?


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!

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The most anticipated texture of a ganache is dense and heavy. However, it can also get an aerated version for even more creamy fillings. If that’s what you’re looking for, do the normal step by step for the ganache and leave it in the fridge for about half an hour after it’s done. After that time, beat with an electric mixer for 3 to 5 minutes to incorporate air into the cream. It is important not to hit too much for him to not go wrong! Ready ?


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!

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Sometimes we forget to take care of the perfect ganache, and everything is fine. If you notice that the fat is separating from the rest of the ingredients, there are two solutions: one is to beat the cream until the ingredients are mixed again. Another option for those who want to avoid incorporating air into the ganache is to take the container in a water bath, stirring well until the mixture is homogeneous again. And remember: never let the cream boil!


Chocolate ganache: How to make without mistakes!
After taking all these precautions and even recovering an apparently lost ganache, another common complaint is that the cream has hardened ahead of time. You can rest assured, just heat the cream again in a double boiler ?
Did you like the tips? If you still have any questions, comment here!

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