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The Brooklyn neighborhood in New York is full of funky places, galleries, exclusive designers and restaurants with “low profile” chefs, those who do anything to escape the spotlight. It is those hidden treasures that only the locals know, that make a point of staying away from the large mass of tourists that the city receives.
Browsing other people’s blogs I found a reference to a chocolate shop in Brooklyn, which belongs to two brothers, Mast Brothers Chocolate. As I love these things with a “hipster” face (that modern people who like to be different from everyone else), I was curious about the link that led to their website.
The website is very simple and minimalist and basically has three videos explaining the relationship of chocolatiers with the product they sell. The first video, from the bottom up, shows a trip that the brothers took to the Dominican Republic to meet their cocoa supplier and take the final product so they could taste it. I thought it was cool because one of the producers says he was thrilled to finally be able to taste some chocolate made with its raw material.

The second video shows how the cocoa harvest is made and the third makes a presentation of the Mast brothers and their artisanal chocolate company. In Brazil and around the world I got tired of seeing and reading about chocolatiers but I find it difficult to find something that is not commercial and very chic and “stuck with the beast”. Just look at the relaxed and weird way of the brothers without losing the affection and attention to chocolate, from the decoration of the store, the bags of cocoa to the packaging of the chocolates (manually wrapped) that are beautiful, with very vintage prints!
Mast Brothers Chocolate already has two addresses in New York, one store in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan.
[vimeo]13664547[/vimeo] [vimeo]31272415[/vimeo]Brooklyn

111 N 3rd, Brooklyn, NY

215 Water Street, New York, NY

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