Chocolate, popcorn & Co. These delicacies actually make you slim!

Chocolate, popcorn & Co. These delicacies actually make you slim!

The latest studies show: Sweet treats and supposedly unhealthy foods make you slim!

In order to lose weight successfully, there is no getting around physical fitness and exercise. Regular visits to the gym or the daily jogging round – if you want to lose weight, you have to activate your body! However, recent studies from around the world show that there are some tricks that can help you lose weight that are a real treat …

#Juhuu! Dessert for breakfast!

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have good news for all of us with a sweet tooth. From now on you can eat the delicious cookie, a muffin or a brownie for breakfast! As part of a 600-calorie, protein and carbohydrate breakfast, the sweet dessert can actually help you lose weight. Delicious!

# One less piece of cheese …

The American “National Institute of Health” found in a study that just 10 calories less a day can reduce weight. In other words, for every 10 fewer calories you eat a day, you lose a pound of body weight over a period of one year. So if you wanted to lose five pounds, you’d have to cut out 50 calories a day. That should be possible somehow …

#Cheers! Lose weight with red wine

American nutritionists at Boston’s Brigham Hospital have found that consuming red wine can help you lose weight. One of the reasons for this is that the body has to generate energy to produce the enzymes responsible for breaking down alcohol. Red wine is also rich in antioxidants that lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Of course, this weight loss strategy only works in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Well then, cheers!

# Sweet temptation: chocolate? Yes!

The latest study from the University of California at San Diego makes women happy around the world. The American researchers found that people who regularly eat chocolate are on average thinner than people who only treat themselves a little every now and then. Chocolate should of course only be consumed in moderation, but it can stimulate weight loss due to the antioxidants it contains.

# Snack Diet? Popcorn is healthy!

According to research from the University of Scranton, popcorn has long been underestimated. Sure, the sweet movie popcorn is a real calorie bomb and the microwave variant is even said to contain harmful chemicals. But homemade popcorn is healthy and helps you lose weight! It contains as many antioxidants and immune boosters as fruits and vegetables, and its fiber helps with diet. So off to the sofa and film!

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