Chocolate Powder or Cocoa Powder?

Chocolate Powder or Cocoa Powder?

The cocoa powder has a specific brand, I never bought it, only the priest’s, can it be replaced with this recipe?


ICKFD: Hi Maria João. How are you? When I put cocoa powder in the recipe, it’s because I used cocoa powder 100%, that is, one that does not contain sugar. Garoto already makes this cocoa and is relatively easy to find in several supermarkets. However, I usually use cocoa powder from Barry Callebaut, which is a company with tradition in chocolates and with a great quality. This brand you can find in houses specializing in confectionery products.

The priest’s chocolate, on the other hand, is not considered cocoa powder, as it contains sugar and only 50% cocoa powder. It is a soluble chocolate powder better for cooking than a Nescau, for example.

Chocolate Powder or Cocoa Powder?

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Now, why do I normally use cocoa powder instead of chocolate powder? Primarily because cocoa powder does better for health, as it does not contain sugar.

Then because the recipe will taste better and with a more pronounced chocolate flavor than if made with powdered chocolate. And lastly because you will use a lot less of the product, that is, if I have to make a cake that goes 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and choose to substitute for chocolate powder, I will probably have to use at least 2 tablespoons of powdered chocolate soup and even then the recipe will not taste the same and will also be much sweeter than necessary because it contains too much sugar in the powdered chocolate.

I hope I managed to answer your question in the best possible way. Any other questions, please contact us.

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