Chocolate sculptor

Chocolate sculptor

Patrick Roger

Foto – Current Kitchen

Patrick Roger is one of those guys who are born to do certain things. They may not be very common, but they are really incredible. The French has a series of chocolate boutiques spread across France – considered one of the best in the country.
I had the opportunity to meet him and see the whole process up close during my stay in Paris (2013). I even recorded the ICKFD Paris for Food Network at the factory!

Foto – Pinterest

The most incredible of all of these are the sculptures that he himself produces. Do not think about those acrylic molds that people compete today, they are true sculptures sculpted in chocolate (as if it were stone).

Picture – Arkpad

The pieces are full of details and incredible. He makes smaller models that can be found in several stores. In addition to all this, chocolate is still delicious !!

Photo – Jackie Kai Ellis

Another thing that is very successful in Patrick Roger’s boutiques are the good stuff filled with ganache. I’m in love with ginger with basil and caramel with lemon – seriously, you need to try it! Finally, the stores are beautiful and so are the boxes.
It is impossible not to fall in love!

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