Choose your fringe

Choose your fringe

It’s not news that I really like fringes! I’ve been using mine for years and I don’t intend to change anytime soon. If you also love this cut, how about discovering new ways to use it? I made a selection of the 4 fringe styles I like best to help you get inspired!



Photo 1 – Brit / Photo 2 – Polyvore / Photo 3 – Style Craze

Everyone has a stage! Those who are growing their bangs will not escape the bangs – which I particularly love. This type of bangs matches any hair texture, in addition to lengthening the face. If you have a square or round face and want to find a cut, this model can help you without having to radicalize!

In the eyebrow


Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Style Craze / Photo 3 – Pretty Designs

Fringes at that time are great for those with thicker, smoother hair. If you have thinner hair, you can bet on the messiest look that looks amazing! This type of cut helps to harmonize longer faces, but you don’t have to avoid it if you have a rounder face; the tip is to always leave the sides longer, as they help to stretch.

In the eyes


Photo 1 – Pretty Designs / Photo 2 – Pinterest Reproduction / Photo 3 – Glam Radar

It is almost the same as the previous one! The biggest difference is for those with a long forehead – this cut ends up being more interesting. When you cut the bangs at eye level, your look is much more evident and impactful. This look is cooler with the strands – at least the bangs – smooth. If your hair is curly or wavy, it is worth making a brush and leaving it well shaped!

On test


Foto 1 – UOL / Foto 2 – BuzzFeed / Foto 3 – A Pratical Wedding

This is the cut for those who like to dare. The most modern girls use and abuse the short bangs! The look is instantly more cool. If you have the courage and personality to use it, I’m sure it will look wonderful. The style is much more daring!
Did you choose your favorite?

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