Christmas: 5 styles, 5 gifts

Christmas: 5 styles, 5 gifts

Exactly 31 days until Christmas and the best thing is not to be able to buy gifts at the last minute – especially if you are going to order online. How about taking advantage of this week of sales to buy your gifts?
As there is a lot of cool stuff, I decided to focus on female gifts. Mother-in-law, mother, aunts, grandparents, friends … There are so many gifts that it is difficult to generalize. I then decided to make life easier and chose 5 gifts for each style: modern, classic, boho, fun and feminine.
How about being inspired by these incredible gifts for this Christmas?


For super-tuned women, nothing better than betting on trends. Look on the internet at what’s hot and, of course, observe the type of piece that the gift recipient usually uses. I selected some pieces that are increasingly in the street looks and I’m sure they will help you choose the ideal gift!

  1. Adidas Originals Shoes Stan Smith White at Dafiti | R $ 299.90
  2. Gipsy Pink Tea Top at OQVestir | R $ 119.00
  3. Adidas Aaris Soft SL Logo T-Shirt at Netshoes | R $ 119.99
  4. Colcci Elefante Backpack at Zattini | R $ 299.00
  5. Shorts Jeans Pop Up Store at Farfetch | R $ 228.00


There is always that desperation to buy the gift from your mother-in-law or someone more demanding. Choose quality and classic pieces, nothing too extravagant. White shirts, neutral accessories and decorative objects are always great choices.

  1. Body-Camisa Letage at OQVestir | R $ 343.00
  2. GUM Fishbone Pattern Clutch at Farfetch | R $ 240.00
  3. Richards Buzios scarf at OQVestir | R $ 198.00
  4. Dafiti Shoes Nude Sandal | R $ 109.90
  5. Jeweled Mirror Holder with 3 golden glass drawers 14,5X16,5CM at Casa de Valentina | R $ 204.90


That super stylish cousin of yours will love these options. Nothing basic! If you are daring in color, opt for a more classic piece. Now if the tone is neutral use and abuse of new fringes and modeling. Not too comfortable to give a piece of clothing? Nothing better than an amazing diffuser (or a scented candle) to make the environment super pleasant!

  1. Santa Lolla Brown Boot at Dafiti | R $ 184.90
  2. Ana Capri Ferrara Multicolor Backpack at OQVestir | R $ 349.00
  3. 3: AM Tricot Dress at Farfetch | R $ 504.00
  4. Hit Shoulder to Shoulder Yacht Dress To at OQVestir | R $ 269.00
  5. Voluspa Visions of Sugar Plum Room Diffuser 177 ml at Valentina’s House | R $ 215.00

Super funny


Younger girls, teenagers and cool women love irreverent and unique pieces. Don’t come with a white shirt for that type of person. Invest in fun, colorful and cute pieces. They show that you really know the person’s style! If you’re afraid to dare so much, try a revamped classic like a jeans shirt with polka dots.

  1. Jeans shirt Maria Filó Poá at OQVestir | R $ 203.00
  2. Iphone 5 Case from Moschino at Farfetch | R $ 208.00
  3. Knight Nanas Totem suit at OQVestir | R $ 349.00
  4. College Backpack at UATT? | R $ 229.90
  5. Mickey Bathroom Kit 3 pieces at Valentina’s House | R $ 149.90


Very feminine women are super easy to please. Heels, dresses that mark the waist, a beautiful lipstick, accessories, perfumes … Pastel shades and lighter prints are ideal. Costume jewelry are great alternatives for these women.

  1. Delicate Stripes Dress Market 33 at OQVestir | R $ 249.00
  2. Block Adore Clay Sandals at Schutz | R $ 390.00
  3. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick at Sephora | R $ 69.00
  4. Tiara Dolores Iguacel at Gallerist | R $ 33.90
  5. Eau De Toilette Miss Dior Flower Bouquet 50ml at Dafiti | R $ 359.00

I already bought my gifts! It’s past time to run to the mall and secure yours!

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