Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast
Hi guys!
It is very special for me to be here, with you, on this date so celebrated in our culture and so longed for by so many. We had a beautiful year and I think my last text from Café em Casa in 2015 as a gift for all of us. – top photo:
Regardless of your particular beliefs, it is almost impossible to get through this time of the year without encountering decorated pine trees, beautiful lights blinking all over the place and happy people vowing good things. I’m glad. ?
The word “natal” carries with it the meaning of what concerns birth, and I like to remember that every birth contains expectation and celebration. Expectation because only what was conceived, generated and went through a process of maturation, which required care, dedication, energy. And celebration because it brings novelty, freshness, life. We remember what is beautiful when we contemplate something that has just been born. When I think of the possibilities of someone who is born, I immediately remember a poem of great sensitivity that begins by saying: “I’m nothing. I’ll never be anything. I can’t want to be anything. Apart from that, I have all the dreams of the world in me. ”
ana-rosa-tumblr-cafe-da-natal-de-natal-ickfdSource: Ana-Rosa Tumblr
So I hope that breakfasts are like moments of birth in our day. May the wait for new events feed us in a positive way and we can celebrate life. Let us be grateful for what we have and achieve, but mainly for what we are. We have the chance to renew, recreate, improve a little bit each day. For me, these are all dreams in the world!
Excellent births to all!
Farm to Fork Dinner at Kiyokawa Family Orchards, Parkdale, ORSource:

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