Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

Desserts should also get into the Christmas atmosphere, right? In addition to decorating our home, we also have to think about how to decorate the sweets that will be part of the Christmas dinner. Luckily for us, turning cakes and pies into Christmas desserts is quite simple and anyone can do it. And the best, without spending too much!

Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

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So, I selected some incredible ideas for you to put into practice later this year. I promise that these tips will make a big difference in the final result of all your sweets ?


Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

Photos: Oh Happy Day and Little Blue Deer Design

One of the most traditional Christmas accessories is garlands. Thinking about it, how about putting it on top of the sweets in a smaller format? To make them, you will only need wire and crepe paper or small leaves. It is up to you how to assemble the arrangement and also whether it will have other elements, such as small colored paper balls.

Christmas trees

Is there a more typical element of that time of year than Christmas trees? At the end of the year, they are present in the decoration of virtually every house in the world. So, nothing better than using them to decorate the cakes.
Chocolate Christmas trees are the best solution, as they add flavor to the candy and are cute. If you don’t mind not being able to taste the ornament, bet on paper trees or rosemary branches. As for paper ornaments, use your creativity to assemble them!


Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

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The process for making this ornament is very simple and similar to that of paper Christmas trees. For the arrangement to be very beautiful, use golden leaves or put glitter on them. Glossy EVA is also a good choice of material. To get a better sense of the horn design, look for “horn cartoon” on Google. In my opinion, the drawings are more beautiful when we search in English!


Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

Photos: The crumbs, please, and @maki_zuhause

I already gave the hint of gingerbread for pies, but there are several other decorations that can be made with this dessert. For rotten doughs, for example, use them also as decorations, molding the dough with cookie cutters.
Another incredible idea is to make mini tartlets, leaving the middle of the top of them with a different shape, in addition to announcing the filling. Here on the site you will find a recipe for pop tart that can be adapted without necessarily putting it on a stick.


Like chocolate Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies are beautiful and delicious. The interesting thing about gingerbreads is that their position completely changes the decoration of the cake. At the top, for example, they add dessert height. If you plan to use them in a pie, it would be nice to place the cookies around it, forming a garland.
Another way to put gingerbreads on the cake is to surround the whole dessert with them. In this case, they end up becoming protagonists of the dish. If you liked the idea, take a look at the gingerbread recipe and also more inspiration using the cookie.

Cake pie

Christmas Decoration For Desserts!

Photos: The Cake Blog and Emma’s favorite pieces

What do you think of the idea of ​​adapting my number cake recipe to a more Christmas-like format? I know it seems to be a difficult dessert to make, but it’s actually quite simple. To get the shape of a tree or star, for example, just print a model from the Internet and use it to cut out your cookie dough.


M’Ms and other smaller confections also gain space in the Christmas decoration. They can mimic Christmas lights or turn into buttons for sweet snowmen. Depending on your dessert, the color of the confectionery can make all the difference. For this reason, give preference to reds, greens and whites.
If you want to decorate a cup of cookie, just make the recipe that is available here on the website and add the colored balls. To make them stick together, paste them with melted chocolate!

Icing sugar

To add a wintery touch to sweets, sprinkle icing sugar on top of cakes and pies. The result is even more incredible when the white rain falls on top of red fruits, be they strawberries, cherries or other berries. In addition to being classic ingredients, the result is charming.
Ready to make your desserts look like Christmas?

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