Christmas looks to get inspired
Christmas looks to get inspired

Christmas looks to get inspired

One of the best times of the year is coming: the Christmas! For those who like, like me, to think about looks with a certain advance, I separated some inspirations to use in this wonderful celebration!
As everyone knows, Christmas in Brazil is always accompanied by days hot. So it is necessary to take into account that the clothes need to be well fresh and comfortable. After all, for this celebration it is very important to feel free to enjoy with loved ones ?


Christmas LooksChristmas LooksFor me, this jumpsuit wine is the perfect choice for night the 24th! Mainly because it is a very comfortable and sophisticated piece. His fabric resembles a velvet and despite being long, it has short sleeves and a modern cut.
THE jumpsuit can serve as inspiration for those looking for a good look christmas and that has a vibration more nocturnal. Because it is a very dark red, you can use several props golden and do a lot of makeup bright!


Christmas LooksChristmas LooksUnlike the previous tip, wearing a very loose dress is the face of the 25th lunch. I used this same piece to compose three different christmas looks, you can check out the complete tips in my IGTV (@nocedanielle on Instagram).
To have a vibration further summer, a great alternative is to make a overlap of parts with the dress and a white shirt. Replace the jump with one White sneakers it is also a way to make the look even more casual and fun. As this tip is more focused on the day, I would wear more makeup Light and just a really strong red lipstick in that outfit.


Christmas LooksChristmas LooksThis last option is more bold it is synonymous with a lot of comfort. I already noticed that betting on red is a guaranteed success at Christmas, so how about wearing a set of pants / shorts and tank top with a style sport? Without a doubt this is the easiest and most stripped to dress up on that holiday.
This combination goes well at any time of the day and is a peaceful way to combine pieces you already have at home! Regarding the use of accessories and make-up, it is completely up to you to choose the one that best suits this style. In my case, I prefer to assume the simple style without many props to be even more comfortable.
Which of these looks most suits your style and which one you would use in Christmas this year ?

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